ixoo is a hair dryer for motor homes with an apearance and functionality similar to wall-mounted dryers that can be found in hotels and gyms.

ixoo can be used with total autonomy, it doesn't need to be connected to a 220 v. electric source, because  it uses hot air provided by the on-site heating.

ixoo can be installed on any type of on-site heating by air.

ixoo has a very small electric consume.
This means it can be used for a long period of time without using-up your motorhome batteries.

Never again wet hair after your shower!


Total freedom

Total Comfort

No compromises

Easy to install,

be the first to amaze your guests with this little marvel.

ixoo is a patented product and a registered brand owned by ixoosolutions.


Enjoy always a pleasant

bath experience

in your motorhome

ixoo v.1.0 white

Finally a hair dryer for your camper and motorhome that really works and can be used everywhere you can imagine. Without 220v.!!!